This gateway… it’s a portal.
The it’s 7:30am and I’m already over it face…
Are you an early bird or night owl?
I’ve sat with my ears listening to the pounds of messages beating at the door, one hand feeling the pace pick up the other on the door handle, hesitant to turn… for so long; trying to transcribe the life inside my beating heart echoing to be set free. to find out… All along I have the key.
Born and raised with Light Warrior spirit. Blood of Natives and mobsters… what a perfect concoction for a bridge. I see between the details, the energy behind it… my younger years I spent a lot of time at war, with my friends, family and “foes” to later find out that the resistance I perceive is within myself.
A huge turning point for me was realizing the power behind my choices, seeing the worlds they create or destroy, witnessing the life created from both. Your decision is the momentum to possibilities. If you choose anything, choose with your heart.
Has anyone ever devoted their presence fully to you? Hand strokes full of gentle pets and warm whispers? With each caress and silent intention I feel my walls break down and knots loosen… I like to call it tenderized. I like to be this space for my people, meeting in the surrender.
You gotta have a little back bone navigating this realm, just enough to stand you tall but just enough to not harden your heart.