The habits and routines we apply in the morning reflect into our day.

The best part of waking up is filling some PRAISE in my cup!
I can be one of those “DON’T F*&^$!NG WAKE ME UP!” people.
Utilize the mornings to tune into your senses, connect with your human form, acknowledge your cells, self and all. Send out prayers and Thank Yous. Be open to 3xperiencing messages through your senses and receiving the gifts of the universe.
How committed are you to creating your 10 life?
Flow like the water, adjust your sails to the path. Your moments depend on you.
Discipline: Something i’m still learning.
This surely is a sensual 3xperience, living in this Earth Matrix. Activate your senses, 3xperience the magnitude of what it means to BE ALIVE.
set your own trail.
My higher self watching me like “Clearly that went in one ear and out the other.”