LEFT THUMB- fire | INDEX- air ; to third eye. RIGHT hand to heart.
I am present with my hearts truest desires, I hear the call of the wild within me, I listen intently and shower devoted love onto the vastness of possibilities and watch the seeds grow into their unique expressions of existing. I allow the warmth of Source to funnel through my royal crown and into my vision filling me with sparks of inspiration and God guidance. I swallow the fire and allow it to awaken my heart and stimulate my gut, singe away that which is keeping me from stepping into my fullest potential… Here I allow my belly to roar, moan and groan as I take a deep belly breath and let out a verbal exhale, my breath of fire flows with it releasing excess, inhaling what is meant for me. LOVE.
We don’t tune in so we can tune out, we tune in to be and breathe. This allowance creates clearance for us to 3xperience our inner rhythms, it gives us an opportunity to root, shed and grow.
LOTUS MUDRA (symbol of purity) – The pads touching is the bud of the lotus. A divine representation of the hearth chakra, where love, goodwill and communication reside. Allow this Mudra to support the beautiful unfolding process of your life. Through the mud you move into blossom, allow yourself to receive the abundance that comes from the sun as you share your pollen with life.
The 6th Chakra; AJNA– 3rd eye.
The mind chakra, associated with mental abilities, psychological and psychic skills, also perception and how we evaluate beliefs and ideas. It sits between our eyes, physically connected to the brain, pituitary and pineal glands, this space represents our psyche. Our eyes are observers, receiving information sorting through and planning out. We can not believe everything we see, think or hear. How we perceive the world has a lot to do with the results we receive. Tuning into and practicing decalcifying your third eye will help fine tune your innate intuitive navigation skills, which will be able to help you sort through the endless amount of information you receive on a daily basis.
Also… you may be able to unlock some psychic abilities.
Have you every tried sound healing? I would recommend investing in the adventure of exploring this healing modality. Connect with your breath, allow your shoulders and face to soften and allow your heart to open and receive the medicine of intentional frequency.
Have you ever taken the time to feel yourself… really feel yourself. To feel the thriving life force inside of you, to receive the endless devotion that is always working towards your harmony within you. How often do you take the time to acknowledge the potent intelligence that flows through you, entirely? Check in, surround yourself with nourishment and love, allow yourself to listen and observe instead of analyze and create. In your stillness is a treasure waiting to be explored.
May your deepest burdens become your greatest strengths.
Your prayers and desires echo into time and space etching your divine blueprint of intention, surely when a butterfly flutters past you, you will feel spirits praise in the ripples of the wind. You have been heard. Rest In Peace and allow flow.
FUN FACT: My native American sign is SNAKE (10/23-11/22). I have always been attracted to snake medicine; the relation, movement, mindfulness, meditation. Snake has often visited me in my dreams and on my earth journey. I hold the connection sacred and ceremonial.
The snake does not fear the depths of darkness, it allows its belly to scan the cold surface of reality and access hidden truths and wisdom. The snake symbolizes transformation, cunningness, cycles, rebirth… The Kundalini is known as our internal serpent laying coiled dormant in our root chakra until it is awaken through experiences. Connect your heart to the snake medicine that resides within you, explore the primal instincts, the intuitive nature. Allow your spine to flow like the serpent, unlocking hidden information inside your internal order.