A modern day Muse, here to stimulate your senses, to activate your higher awareness, to display the call of the wild woman, paving the way to true liberation of the mind, body and spirit. Together we RISE!

Sometimes people ask me “who are you?” There has been times where that question had me stumped like… WHO AM I!? WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN TO EXIST!? I am a License Massage Therapist, Energy worker, Photographer, Videographer, Dancer, Spoken word artist, simply an artistic soul… but all of this doesn’t seem to resonate when asked WHO ARE YOU!?

As I sit with this question I begin to tune into my heart, calling upon my higherself… Who am I? I am formless, a Devine shape shifter… a kaleidoscopic 3xperience of raw artistic expressions; beauty, grace, sacred feminine, nurturer, the Dark Side of the Moon, love, joy, playfulness, inspired, intuitive, innocence, sexiness, sensual, sexual, a true Devine wild woman. I am a Free, Valuable, Inspiring, Creative Leader. I know how to lead because I know how to LOVE.

My tattoo asked me “So you said you want to create something, what is it that you want to create?” It took me about 30 minutes to get back to this topic as a song had hit my heart sparking up the answer… FREEDOM! I desire to create FREEDOM in the mind, body and spirit for all of us. Throughout the years I have ripped myself to pieces, unlearning the chains I’ve inherited and allowed to link to my existence as well as recreating new links that resonate with my frequency, always learning and changing… a forever student. I sat in the flames of hell to uncover the love, peace and compassion that was buried beneath the ashes. In the midst of the raging flames I always had a feeling that I wasn’t going through this just for myself, often thinking about the collective and how we are all here together. Chaos; a gift to my awareness, it has shown me the essentiality of FREEDOM, FAITH, PLAY, LOVE, TRUST and CREATIVITY for the existence of my life force.

My mother raised me to choose faith by my own discretion as she did not get to experience that growing up, it was forced upon her. Her commitment to make a shift for the next generation was such a blessing… She gifted me the FREEDOM to think and be as I please, along the way I have accumulated philosophies, ideologies and 3xperiences that have created a melting pot of faith, spirituality and Magic. Over the years I have developed a strong union with Spirit, being in this God space is one of my favorite things. When people ask me what I do the only thing that resonates with me is “I bring heaven to earth.” This is my job, the one that represents real currency and prosperity and as I continue to let Spirit flow to me and through me my eyes become wider, heart deeper and mind freer.

I have been stepping into the guidance of hosting ceremonies, creating and holding space for people to experience their break throughs and come back to their true nature of love and oneness. Being in the space of Transformational work lights me up along with being in togetherness, these feel like home, like the realest things I know. I believe in the power of Faith, Love, Trust and Resilience, I know the power and intelligence of the humans mind, body and spirit, I believe in our transformation and ascension. I am here… to bridge the chaos and purity within us to create healing, liberation, love and play into 3xperiences.

Devine 3xperiences isn’t a me thing; it’s a movement. A movement through the many faces through the phases, a dive into the senses for all of us to wake up to our Highest Calling… Spirit has shown me that I am here. I am here to wake up the senses, to unite people back to themselves and together. I am here to be vulnerable and authentic in my expressions and inspire others to do the same. I am here to be creative, dream big and play in it all, mud or shine… I am here.

I am unconventional medicine to the people, a dose of me will leave you feeling intrigued, curious, connected, excited, questionable, inspired, valued, loved, maybe a little unsure or intimidated lol. May this creative adventure of mine spark your Phoenix heart alive and may it support you in dropping your wings for flight.

Thank you all for joining me on this exciting journey called life. I am so grateful to have you by my side in this web of life. When I move, I move for you… for the next generations to come. I am here in these Devine 3xperiences, thank you for joining the movement. See you in the Great Mystery. So much love Soul Fam!